Understanding bud rot: Signs, symptoms and how to avoid it

Successful growers know the signs of bud rot and, as importantly, how to eliminate what causes it. The keys: humidity control and air circulation. Experts Melaney Watson, of Quest, and Jared Dinsmore, of Grass Monkey, share their tips for identifying, treating and preventing bud rot, to help you prevent this nasty fungus from taking hold […]

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Bud Rot on Cannabis: Stopping Botrytis with High Times

Bud rot is a common scourge of growers — but fortunately, it is avoidable. The problem is, all too often, hobbyist growers who graduate to commercial operations don’t understand the science of climate control until it’s too late. Bud rot sets in, they experience crop loss, and suddenly they’re looking for solutions. This article in […]

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Powdery Mildew and Fungicides: Part 2: Treatment Options

Treatment Options Inorganic: Simple chemicals are often an effective and efficient method to prevent and manage fungal infections. Some chemical treatments are safe to use on edible plants. Rinsing with dilute hydrogen peroxide or applying potassium salts can protect against initial fungal infections and slow the spread of existing infection. Though hydrogen peroxide generally has […]

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Water Vapor in Grow Rooms: Moisture, and How to Measure It Part III: Dew Point Temperature

Condensed water vapor on grass

Relative humidity (%RH), grains per pound, and now, dew point temperature: All three are ways to measure moisture in the grow room.   What is dew point temperature?   Dew point temperature, or simply “dew point,” is the temperature at which the air becomes saturated with water vapor. It’s a balance: the water vapor in […]

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Water Vapor in Grow Rooms: Moisture, and How to Measure It – Part II: Grains per Pound (GPP)

Moisture droplets on leaf

As we discussed last time, relative humidity (%RH) is a way to measure moisture in your grow room’s air. Today, we’ll talk about “grains per pound” (gpp), which is a different way to measure the amount of moisture in the air.   What’s the difference between %RH and gpp?   While %RH measures the percentage […]

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Water Vapor in Grow Rooms: Moisture, and How to Measure It – Part I: Relative Humidity

humidity condensing on a leaf

Plants need airborne moisture, and the water vapor (or humidity) in your grow room can determine how healthy your plants are. Healthy plants require proper humidity levels for each stage of growth.   What is humidity and how is it measured?   Humidity is the amount of water vapor present in the air. There are […]

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Dude Grows Podcast with Quest

Demystifying Dehumidification: A Chat with QUEST’s Clif Tomasini- Are you using a standard residential dehumidifier in your growroom? Beware; you’re setting yourself up for failure, according to QUEST Product Manager Clif Tomasini; Clif chats with Scotty Real of “Dude Grows Show” about the benefits of QUEST dehumidifiers vs. residential dehumidifiers for growroom use.   QUEST’s […]

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