4 Humidity-Control Tips from Medicine Man

Medicine Man

Tyler Schneider, director of operations at Colorado-based Medicine Man, shares his top tips for handling humidity as part of the Smart Humidity Report from Cannabis Business Times. Controlling humidity efficiently is about more than preventing mold and bud rot, it’s a business priority because doing it well helps control energy costs as cannabis prices drop, […]

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Bud Rot on Cannabis: Stopping Botrytis with High Times

Quest Dehumidifier in a Grow Room

Bud rot is a common scourge of cannabis growers — but fortunately, it is avoidable. The problem is, all too often, hobbyist growers who graduate to commercial operations don’t understand the science of climate control until it’s too late. Bud rot sets in, they experience crop loss, and suddenly they’re looking for solutions. This article […]

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Powdery Mildew and Fungicides: Part 2: Treatment Options

Treatment Options Inorganic: Simple chemicals are often an effective and efficient method to prevent and manage fungal infections. Some chemical treatments are safe to use on edible plants. Rinsing with dilute hydrogen peroxide or applying potassium salts can protect against initial fungal infections and slow the spread of existing infection. Though hydrogen peroxide generally has […]

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