The fundamentals of grow room humidity control

Humidity Control

Grow room humidity control creates the ideal environment during light and dark cycles and for each plant stage. On The Weed Blog, Quest experts Coleman Ratzlaff and Mike Steffes define relative humidity (RH) and explain why it’s important. Read the article here to understand the risks of ignoring RH and to learn helpful tips to […]

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Understanding bud rot: Signs, symptoms and how to avoid it

Successful growers know the signs of bud rot and, as importantly, how to eliminate what causes it. The keys: humidity control and air circulation. Experts Melaney Watson, of Quest, and Jared Dinsmore, of Grass Monkey Cannabis Co., share their tips with The Joint Blog for identifying, treating and preventing bud rot, to help you prevent […]

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Setting Up an Efficient Grow Room: 5 Key Considerations

How to set up a grow room

Check out this overview with The Joint Blog that outlines five areas where you can improve grow room efficiency and reduce energy consumption, which will save you time, money and effort throughout the growing process. The article features Jared Dinsmore, Director of Operations at Grass Monkey Cannabis Co., and Coleman Retzlaff of Quest, who share […]

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Grow room dehumidifiers: Perfect your setup

Grow room dehumidifiers

When it comes to dialing in your dehumidifier setup, it’s most important to fine tune several key factors. In a recent article in Leafly, growers from East Coast Cultivation and Greenlight Cannabis Company, along with Quest experts, shared top tips to optimize your environmental controls. They focused on dehumidifier placement, sizing and airflow. Read the […]

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