About Quest Products:

We manufacture a full line of the most energy efficient commercial grade dehumidifiers on the market. We make and stock these high quality machines in the U.S. so they are available for immediate delivery.

Quest’s Connection to Hydroponics and How Quest Products are Used by Indoor Growers:

Quest dehumidifiers promote healthy gardening environments by helping prevent mold, mildew, and disease. They also work to reduce pests and the plant stress that pests cause.

The modern indoor gardener is almost always looking to build a strong foundation of high quality equipment, built to last for years, this is where Quest reliability comes through.

Quest and “Green” Technology:

Quest is a division of Therma-Stor, a company founded on Green Technology.  In the late 1970s Therma-Stor developed a revolutionary heat recovery water heater to help dairy farmers recapture waste heat and sanitize their equipment. These days, Quest dehumidifiers are industry leaders in Green Technology. We remove more water than the competition, with less energy (our Dual 105 is rated 8.8 pints per kilowatt hour).

“Green” Initiatives in Our Community:

A few years back we moved into a new production facility. This was a paper factory that had been abandoned. Since then, we’ve made many modifications to reduce our carbon footprint. One good example is lighting: We replaced every fixture with energy efficient T5 or T8 fixtures and bulbs. In the offices and warehouse, lights are on motion sensors and timers to save energy. In the factory we lowered the lights to put the lumens where they are needed, this allowed us to save energy by reducing the fixture count.

Quest and Hydroponic Applications:

Great products are the result of great people with great ideas and a desire to help others. As a “Technology Rich” company with an engineering team of 17 — including 9 degreed product engineers, we have learned how people value innovative products. We have also noticed that indoor growers strive more than most to stay on the cutting edge of technology. This is good, because with our great Engineering team, we’re there too.

Made in U.S.A.:

Quest is located in Madison, WI. We manufacture here in the U.S. with over 200 employees. Though many manufacturers have moved production offshore, our management vision and principles have a deep rooted foundation here in America. We believe people value great products. We strive to support each other, our customers, and our communities.

What’s NEW at Quest:

Check out our Grow Info page. There’s something new there every week.

Check back often as we help you stay head of regulation changes, walk through controlling temperature and PM to increase growing production, discuss controlled growing conditions for pesticide-free cannabis and more.

We recently launched our line of energy efficient large dehumidifiers- the Quest Dual 105, Dual 155, and Dual 205. The Quest Dual 105 and Dual 155 are the most energy efficient refrigerant dehumidifiers ever. All three have multiple patents.

Having short payback periods and high performance, the Quest Dual platform is a big hit with Indoor Gardeners.